Designed in harmony with nature

A naturally brown indigenous species of wild cotton grows in the humid climate of the Peruvian rainforest. 100% rain fed, this cotton is grown without the use of irrigation, chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

Producing bolls of cotton in a variety of brown hues, this heritage Peruvian wild cotton species was almost wiped out because of the massive demand for traditional commercialized white cotton. Farmers and manufacturers in Peru have worked hard to reclaim and protect this species of cotton.

We are passionate about the relationship between the landscape where our fibers are grown and the skilled makers who weave and knit them. Our Wild Cotton garments are all made in Peru by talented manufacturers who know these fibers and fabrics best. These garments are 100% dye free, and achieve a variety of natural hues through blends of our Wild Cotton with varying percentages of traditional white cotton.

Sustainable and relaxed, these lived-in soft pieces reflect and amplify the simplicity and beauty of nature in our children and women's collections.

Bélon Bloomer, In Cacao, $22
Bambina Tee, In Sand, $89