Kind Words

"STUNNING childrens clothing.

"She wears them CONSTANTLY, and people ask about them all the time. They're timeless dresses, beautiful colors and SO her style."

Bev Weidner, @bevcooks

"Magnolia is LOVING this new dress in all of its organic goodness. Best part, it has pockets. And she feels like a basically she is living her best life. Go check out @cocoandives! These dresses are dreamy. "Thank you @cocoandives for such great dresses! Always obsessed. #notapaidad just a happy customer. <3" -Anna, Tennessee


"A beauty. Have to convince her from wearing this dress every day. If it wasn't going to be a gazllion degrees soon I'd buy her 3 more it's so perfect!"


"Excited to live in my @cocoandives tees all summer long!!"

Hanna, Kansas

"It arrived yesterday! So quickly! I absolutely love all the pieces!!

"Thank you @cocoandives for making the best twirling dress ever for little girls!"

-Kate, New Zealand @katerobergephotography

"Hi! I just want to tell that my daughter loves our Coco & Ives clothes and wears them mostly in this summer. She especially likes Short shorts , Reyes shirts and Girona dress. Your clothes becomes a big part of our summer memoriesthank you for providing us these beautiful clothes. ( and slowing down my kids clothes obsession) I can't wait to see what is coming next though. Sending you lots of love from Brooklyn."

-Junko, Brooklyn

The dresses fit beautifully on my almost 7 year old petite girls...I bought the 4-5. This is just a sneak peek of our photos and I love how the dress looks."

-Paige, Washington, image by @fionamargo

Your store is BEAUTIFUL! i would wear all the clothing at my age"

-Elle-May Watson, Australia

"My girls and I love them! I like the length and cut. We also have a few dresses too! My youngest will be getting her older sister's and we will be buying a few more soon! They both love how they have pockets and how they look when they spin. <3 ...We love everything! My girls wear your shorties all the time too! "

Ashley S.

"June just came inside after playing in her new @cocoandives dress singing "All I want for this dress" - It's perfect! I cuold hardly get her to stand still for a picture she needed to twirl, climb, and fill the pockets with tiny pine cones..."

Lauren, Virginia

"Cette marque qu’on aime tant."


"So many compliments on this dress!!"

Michelle, Washington

"All pieces are lovely and do fact I'm wearing one of the blue scrunchies right now....thank you for the beautiful card too...A big hug and big thank you..."

Carmen & Uwe, Germany

"I have to say this has been the dress of this summer. She wears it all the time. It's so good! :) " -Jessie @ozarkdwellers

"Cette marque qu’on aime tant." -@blundstonefrance

"We LOVE your dress!" @vivien_Daniel

"This new one has exceptional twirl factor # cocoandives"


"These little dresses from @cocoandives are my new fav go to play dress for the girls"

Jenna Wright @sethandjennawright

"Thank you @cocoandives for making the best twirling dress ever for little girls!"


"We can't wait to adventure in our amazing @cocoandives dresses this week! Maybe now I won't have to carry home sticks, rocks, leaves, berries, and all the other treasures we find on our forest explorations."

Jen, Netherlands