From 100% natural raw fiber to finished product, our scarves are made entirely in Scotland at the Johnstons of Elgin 18th century mill.  We are honoured to share with you the 200 years of heritage and tradition our craftswomen and craftsmen carry.

Made in Scotland’s only vertically integrated mill, our raw fibers are scoured in local Scottish rivers, spun into yarn, dyed, woven, knitted, and finished entirely in house; this allows our craftspeople full control of artistry in conjunction with a minimal carbon footprint.  Our fibers are sorted close to their finished dye hue, allowing our mill to use a minimal amount of bleach and dye, leaving our scarves as close to their natural hue as possible.  This practice allows us to honour the inherent natural beauty of our fibers, keeping them soft and strong, and giving our pieces lifespans that often exceed a lifetime when cared for properly.



Lambswool comes from a lamb’s first sheering when their fleece is at its softest; this wool is significantly finer and softer than the fleece of a mature sheep.  The natural kink in these wool fibers insulates heat while repelling water, giving these fringed edge scarves their signature coziness during cold winter months.


From world renowned Australian merino sheep, our extra fine merino wool is infamous for its softness and comfort against the skin.  Naturally self-regulating, this wool reacts with the body keeping the wearer warm or cool depending on the temperature, making this frayed edge piece a perfect essential for cold and warm weather adventures.


With some of the industry’s highest standards, our makers source their fibres from select cashmere goats in the extreme cold weather climates of Mongolia, China, and Afghanistan where temperatures can reach -40 during winter months.  When spring arrives the fine cashmere fibers from the underside of the goats' bellies are gathered for these buttery soft scarves.