Sizing And Fit

Sizes are indicated by year.

Dresses are pre-shrunk and true to size.

We design our garments with silhouettes to allow for growth spurts and multiple seasons (and sometimes years!) of growth. You can expect garments to begin looser and longer on the lower end of a size and become shorter and more fitted towards the upper end of a size.

If your child is within the upper age range of a size we recommend sizing up in order to get the longest life out of your garment.

If you have any further questions about sizing and fit, please feel free to ask us at hello@cocoandives.

Care Instructions

Wash separately for first washes and before wearing.

Machine wash cold inside out with eco-friendly detergents on gentle cycle with similar colors.

In order to retain optimal longevity, fit and aesthetic, lay flat to dry.  If necessary, the garment may be placed inside-out in dryer on low heat.  Avoid over-drying.

Do not bleach or use harsh stain removers.  Always test stain removers on the underside of the garment in a small, inconspicuous location before using in a noticeable location.