In order to get the most longevity and beauty out of your garments we have outlined gentle washing and drying methods that respect the fiber, the garment, and most importantly; the planet.


Wash separately before wearing or sitting on light coloured surfaces.

Machine wash cold inside out with eco-friendly PH neutral detergents on gentle cycle with similar colors.

Use gentle eco-friendly stain removers, and test in an inconspicuous location prior to stain removal.

Natural fibers stretch the most when wet. To retain optimal longevity, fit and aesthetic, lay garments flat while drying. Line dry garments in the shade when unable to lay flat. Keep in mind the sun will help lift stains and lighten up your hues (great for whitening your whites) but will also fade out darker colors.


Linen is an inherently eco-friendly fabric made from flax plants. Our flax plants naturally thrive in European climates, and require little rain, no artificial irrigation, and no pesticide or fertilizers for growing.

Linen clothing is notorious for becoming softer and more beautiful the more it is worn. The best way to give a long life to your linen garments are to avoid putting them in the dryer, which breaks down the fibers over time, and will shorten the garment's lifespan.

To remove wrinkles use a garment steamer.

All linen garments are preshrunk.


Our cotton fibers are from 100% organic pima cotton, and dye-free wild cotton.

Due to the fiber structure of cotton and our use of 100% natural fibers (and omission of elastic or spandex blends), you can expect your garments to loosen a bit as they are worn. This is a beloved trait of cotton, and one to take into consideration when gauging the initial fit of your garment.

All cotton garments are preshrunk.


Dry-clean only at eco-friendly organic dry cleaner.

Use a garment steamer to remove creases and wrinkles.


Due to the nature of garment dyeing you may notice slight variations in the color of your garment, small seams where the dye does not full penetrate, as well as the color softening over time; these are normal, inherent, and beloved characteristics of garment dyeing.

Garment dyed items must be washed prior to wearing and before sitting on light colored surfaces. Wash separately for first washes until dye is no longer released.

Garment dyed pieces are more prone to dye lifting; therefore do not spot clean with harsh stain removers. Test gentle, eco-friendly stain removers in an inconspicuous location.

Fully dissolve washing soap in water before adding your clothing to the washer, as soap directly on the garment will lift the dye.

Air dry in a shaded location.