In order to get the most longevity and beauty out of your garments we have outlined gentle washing and drying methods that respect the fiber, the garment, and most importantly; the planet.



Due to the nature of garment dyeing you may notice slight variations in the color of garments dyed in separate batches, as well as the color softening over time; these are normal, inherent, and beloved characteristics of garment dyeing.

Garment dyed items must be washed before wearing and before sitting on light colored surfaces.   Wash separately for first washes until dye is no longer released.

Do not spot clean with harsh stain removers.  Test stain removers in an inconspicuous location.  

Lay flat or line dry in shaded area.


Wash separately before wearing or sitting on light coloured surfaces.

Machine wash cold inside out with eco-friendly PH neutral detergents on gentle cycle with similar colors.

If using a powder soap be sure it dissolves completely before adding your clothing to the washer.

You can retain optimal longevity, fit and aesthetic by laying garments flat or line drying in the shade.  

Do not use harsh stain removers.  We suggest using eco-friendly stain removers in an inconspicuous location and allow garment to hang out in the sun for a short period of time in order to allow stains to lift naturally.  Keep in mind the sun will help lift stains and lighten up your hues (great for whitening your whites!) but will also fade out darker colors.   


Dry-clean only.