Your first baby teaches you how to be a mom.  They teach you what it’s like to realize your body, your life, your heart are no longer your own….and how that’s okay.

You weather the storm (at times) together and both learn to eventually walk with confidence.  Your first baby teaches you a love you could not have fathomed until you met her and became her mother.  Your first baby makes you the woman and mother you’ve always wanted to be.

Your second baby teaches you how quickly it all actually flies by…how weeks that seemed like years the first time are now slipping through your hands like grains of sand.  Your second baby teaches you how when life is messy you should take a step back and enjoy the beautiful chaos.  Soak up the beautiful chaos.  Commit the beautiful chaos to the most sacred parts of your memory for your older self to call upon when your precious babies are off in the world living their own lives largely apart from yours.  Your second baby teaches you that when looking back, the beautiful chaos will always bring more smiles than your moments of peace and privacy between them.

And most importantly, your second baby teaches you that despite you already finding the most sensational form of love in existence once, that you can somehow find it again, in its own familiar but unique and equally, wonderfully, heart breaking overwhelming way.