Here at Coco & Ives working at home is fortunately our norm; our manufacturers and suppliers are used to seeing our kids in tow or hearing them in the background on calls.  However, with schools being cancelled for the remaining year, we are currently on week two of our five month spring/summer “vacation” with both kids at home full time.

While this aspect of the new normal has likely been a smaller shift for us than most, what has largely affected us is our supply chain being shut down due to necessary business closures in both the US and Peru.

After seeing medical workers around the world being dangerously exposed to the Covid-19 virus due to a shortage of medical personal protective equipment (PPE), we felt an urgent call to do something and step up to the plate to see if and how we can help by reconfiguring our current supply chain.  

Our US pattern maker, manufacturer, textile suppliers, and dye house have all received working exemptions from their states allowing them to continue business in the name of helping our medical teams and hospitals.  We are currently working with New York State as well as hospitals around the country to see if we are qualified to help supply PPE.

There is much uncertainty for us all as we move forward and quickly problem solve.  What we do know is our dress restock and bloomer production will resume once life and business are safe to recommence en masse.  For now, we are laser focused on seeing if we are able to help our medical workers.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support of our company.  The current inventory online is still available and orders will continue to ship.

We wish everyone in our community (and beyond!) health and peace during the time.  We are a global family, and the human spirit is shining bright during this moment in time.  As always, look for the helpers, and more importantly BE the helpers.  Every act of goodness, however small, however unseen, unposed, unshared, is an important one.

Allie & the Coco & Ives Fam