The intoxicating cool of French fashion and joie de vivre are indisputable.  Entire wardrobes, phrases, and lifestyles of the French, and in particular, the Parisians, are universally adored and globally emulated, but just as we don’t have to be at a live concert in order to love a musician and have their music touch our soul, we don’t necessarily require a passport in hand to be influenced and inspired by another culture.  From afar, any of us can cultivate an appreciation for French fashion and the multitude of brands around the world it shapes, as appreciation for craft, a captivating approach to beauty, and the joy of an alluring way of life have the power to transcend miles. So this summer, whether you find yourself grabbing a duck confit from the market in one of the pocketed towns of the Dordogne, strolling the streets of Paris or Cannes, or simply sitting outside en terrace at a café in the United States; it is possible to immerse yourself in the essence of French fashion wherever you are.  

Honing in on mid-range elevated staples to pair with what you already own, our favorite brands for summer hail from France itself, as well as other countries and regions where makers are crafting unique and beautiful things.  Dive into the home stretch of this warm weather season in any of the iconic yet understated pieces from our guide below, and know that when you purchase from these brands, you are investing in well designed pieces with superior quality and classic style; staples to appreciate season after season, year after year.


Strolling your local farmer's market in a crisp white tee from French cult brand, Sézane paired with a summery straw bag from coastal France influenced brand, Bembien are a good place to start; throw in a paper wrapped bouquet of fresh flowers or a couple bunches of local kale or lemons and you're on your way.

Continuing on to the local bakery or boulangerie, grabbing a pastry and café crème followed by an afternoon on a park bench in a loosely buttoned Coco & Ives' women's blouse is the perfect way to enjoy long summer days in style, paired with an Etsy made Nuagehome's woven jute bag.  A gorgeous Italian scarf from Paris based Officine Générale styled tied into a loose low ponytail, or attached to the strap of a bag is an essential accessory which can elevate any outfit with minimal and understated effort. 

What to bring along?  The newspaper or the latest novel you're diving into in order to entertain and educate, also serving as the perfect cover for all the people watching from the café table.  Heading to the beach?  Add in a 100% handloomed Turkish Cotton towel from small business owner, Turkish Towels, or a beautiful 100% waffle woven towel from House of Baltic Linen.

And for the ultimate je n'ai sais quos, one can feel the quintessential sexiness and allure of the French when wearing any of Le Labo's scents, which are cultivated in the infamous home of perfumery, France's Grasse; Another 13 and Thé Noir 29 are personal go-to's.

Yet, no matter where your summer takes you, the ultimate way to channel your inner Francophile--be it this summer or anytime-- is by investing in and curating a few quality garments and accessories, and mixing them into a look pulled together with your worn-in favorites; concocting an outfit that is effortlessly beautiful, just the right amount of high and low; done and undone; sexy but also a smidge of that wonderful and arresting French Je m'en fous or 'I don't give a fuck' attitude.