Crafting a classic children's clothing collection to see and celebrate the world in began with sourcing a 100% natural fiber that was breathable and comfortable to wear; yet elevated and with strong sustainability properties; European Linen.  We thoughtfully designed garments that not only look, but feel special to both child and parent, with timeliness silhouettes, details and growth spurts in mind, creating pieces designed to outlast seasons and trends.

Starting at the seed, our linen begins its life in Europe.  Completely rain fed and grown without the use of GMOs, chemical pesticides or fertilizers, we cultivate a flax plant that grows in harmony with nature.  Our flax is mechanically harvested and expertly woven into our signature fine linen.  At our manufacturer in Portugal, every single component of the garment is certified as non-toxic; from the fabric and dyes, to the buttons, to the thread, labels, trims and tags.  Our master seamstresses sew and dye these fine crafted pieces with unparalleled precision.

We pride ourselves on the details of our garments; the finely crafted collars, proper cuffs, functional deep pockets, and dedication to craftsmanship from seed through final garment.  We believe in creating heirlooms that are good for children and good for the earth.  

These extraordinary pieces are lovely for big events and celebrations, but we find they really shine the more they are worn and explored in; the more the sleeves are rolled, the buttons untucked, the more they are loosened up for an elevated and understated everyday look; the more they feel lived in and more importantly, the more they are lived in.

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