I have spent the earliest days, decades, and most recent years of my life along the northeast coast of the United States.  I have watched the change of seasons with awe; the arrival of chilly autumn air alongside a warm and vibrant palette of red, orange and yellow.  The turning inward, the soups, the fires in the fireplace, the slow evenings and anticipation of holidays where the smell of butter, celery, onion and carrots sautéing in a pan fills the house.  The first snow.  A cold and often brutal winter followed by a vernal spring; at its heels the dog days of summer with popsicles and evenings spent at the beach or outside on the lawn catching fireflies.

Seasons here never last; nothing stays.  Everything is to be savored, for in a few months it will be gone; replaced by something even more beautiful--a change we see coming and are ready to embrace when it finally arrives.

It is with this same readiness and a dash of melancholy that my season of life here on the East Coast comes to a close for now.

As I head west with my family I will look to see you all on the other side, with a bit more wildness around and within myself.