We changed our pricing this weekend and I’m here to share why.

Our goal has always been to be an approachable brand where sustainability, clean fabrics, and non-toxic eco-friendly dyeing methods could feel accessible.

The high price tag of sustainability has to do with the fact that cheap clothes still cost a LOT; the consumer just doesn’t see it.  The costs of cheap clothing are usually hidden and paid for by underpaid workers who are having to cultivate land or work long hours in very unhealthy unsanitary environments using pesticides, toxins, and heavy metals; paying for it with their own health and/or the earth’s health.  If you think you can buy a $5 t-shirt and someone or something, flora or fauna, isn’t carrying the cost of that somewhere along the production line you’re flat out wrong.

But being a parent, I also also understand that sustainable, fair trade, organic clean items usually carry high price tags and are largely accessible to the more affluent who can afford to pay the high price.  There is a huge problem in our world with people who most need clean & safe food and clothing being the ones who are least able to afford it.  

This a real conversation to be had and I don’t know all the answers but I do know how important it is to begin this conversation and to begin asking questions of the companies we buy from.  I also do truly believe we are able to begin shifting our spending habits towards 'buying better, buying less' in order to begin seeing changes without requiring a pay raise or a dream brand to come into our lives.

I do know the industries that are polluting our Earth and costing other humans their health will never change if we don’t change our purchase habits.  It takes a revolution of consumers demanding quality and accountability in order to see change. Every dollar you spend is a vote for the products you want to see more of--remember the days where the organic section of foods at the store only took up a 3 foot wide space on the shelves?  Incredible change is possible.

We have built Coco & Ives being so proud of the conditions and wages and lives of the skilled workers who make our clothing.  We are proud of our organic cotton and our ability to manufacture locally and know the people who make our garments.  There are no secrets, no days or hours where we can't drop in at a moment's notice (except on Friday afternoons when most of our producers let everyone in the office take off early!).

We have created a dress that can last for years in terms of quality and silhouette, and have worked hard to finesse our manufacturers and costs so we could create garments that reflect the quality and health of the people and environment along our production line without massive mark-ups. 

Passionate about accessibility, we have recently been able to get the cost our dress cost down without sacrificing our ethics or quality; our dream of making healthy ethical clothing obtainable is coming to fruition.  We are passing on our decreased costs to you all in the hopes that we can make organic fabrics and long-term closet pieces a possibility for more of you.  We are so hopeful for the future, and our power as individuals to make small changes resulting in massive shifts for the greater good.

We are continuing on working hard toward the dream of creating clothing for everyone in your family that is free of toxins from start (fabric cultivation) to finish (through the dyeing process), without any damage to the Earth, our waterways, or our animal friends.  Our plant dyed garments will be arriving this summer, and we hope it is the beginning of a very powerful green revolution.

As always, thank you for your love and support.  Our girls (the OG Coco & Ives) live in our dresses and I work everyday to design and create the types of clothing we want them to live and explore in, and hold the bar up to in terms of quality for the rest of their lives.  We are so honored by how much you love our dresses, but admittedly are most delighted by how much your daughters love them.  

We are doing good things together.  This is just the beginning.  Let's press on.

Founder, Designer & Mama of Coco & Ives